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Size Guide

Please visit our "Size Guide" for more information on sizing.

Hat Care

Wool Felt Hat Care:

To clean off dirt/hair/dust: Take a hat brush or lint roller to remove any loose particles. When using a hat brush, please be sure to brush in circular motions as this will give you the best results.


To remove minor spots: Small, minor spots can be wiped with a damp, white cloth. It is very important to use a white cloth and not a cloth with dye as dye can transfer on to your hat.


To remove stains or other severe issues: We recommend taking your hat to a local hat shop for professional cleaning.

Storing Wool Felt Hats:

The best, most effective way to store your hat and prolong its life is by storing your hat in our hat boxes. Storing your hat in these boxes will ensure your hat maintains its cleanliness, free from dust particles, and protect its shape.


If for any reason our hat box is not an option, you can also store your wool hat on a shelf. If doing so it is very important you store the hat sitting on its crown rather than on its brim. This way of storing ensures your hat maintains its shape.


Please do not store your hat in your car or anywhere it will be exposed to prolonged sunlight or heat. Doing so can cause color fading and damage to the shape of your hat.


If your wool hat gets wet allow it to dry naturally.