Sizing Made Simple

Every House of Brims piece is crafted with YOU in mind, which is why we place comfort and simplicity at the forefront of our design approach. We want our customers to shop with ease and purchase a good fitting, comfortable piece. Our Signature hats are crafted from a variety of hat blocks which may, sometimes, mean a slight change in how the hat fits due to the shape and materials of the hat. Be sure to continue scrolling down to our Size Guide, and remember to always check out the 'Fit + Measurements' section of your desired hat to feel confident you are selecting your perfect fit.

First things first

Let's Measure

Step 1: Use a sewing tape measure or a piece of string to use for measuring purposes

Step 2: When completing this process, stand in front of a mirror to ensure accuracy

Step 3: To determine your desired fit, simply wrap the measuring tape around your head entirely, gently placing it where you'd like your hat to sit. Ensure the tape begins at the center of your forehead and meets back at the starting point

Step 4: Make note of your size and refer to our Size Guide Chart below to establish your hat size.

Sizing Chart



  • 55-56 CM
  • 57-58 CM
  • 59-60 CM
  • 61-62 CM

A few things to keep in mind.....

  • When using your tape measure, be sure to place it gently around your head. Do not pull it too tightly as this may alter your size.
  • How you wear your hat is a matter of personal preference and style. These steps are here as a helpful guide, but it is solely up to you where you'd like your hat to sit, how you want it to fit, and how you wear it
  • The sizing and fit can vary due to the shape and materials of the hat. We always recommend considering the 'Fit & Measurements' section of the hat you've selected as this is a great way to ensure you're selecting the best fitted hat.
*If it so happens that you're in between sizes we recommend sizing up then use our hat fillers to fill in the extra space.

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