• 55-56 CM
  • 57-58 CM
  • 59-60 CM
  • 61-62 CM

A few things to keep in mind.....

  • When using your tape measure, be sure to place it gently around your head. Do not pull it too tightly as this may alter your size, thus, sizing you for a smaller fit and may cause discomfort during wear

  • How you wear your hat is a matter of personal preference and style. These steps are here as a helpful guide, but it is solely up to you where you'd like your hat to sit, how you want it to fit, and how you wear it

  • The sizing and fit can vary due to the shape and materials of the hat. We always recommend considering the 'Fit & Measurements' section of the hat you've selected as this is a great way to ensure you're selecting the best fitted hat.
**If it so happens that you're in between sizes we recommend sizing up then use our hat fillers to fill in the extra space.