What To Wear With A Fedora Hat

What To Wear With A Fedora Hat

Discover what to wear with a fedora hat with our latest guide. Whether you're aiming for elegance or casual chic, learn how a fedora can transform your outfit, proving its timeless charm and versatility in the dynamic world of fashion.

What to Wear With a Fedora Hat

The fedora hat serves as a versatile staple in any wardrobe, transcending the confines of a single style. Here are 5 examples to inspire you, from casual to sophisticated, and everything in between.

1. How to Style a Fedora with Blue Jeans

Looking to elevate your casual wear? Your options are endless when choosing what to wear with a fedora hat. Pair your favorite jeans with a simple, neutral tank top, and any fedora. Complete this ensemble with leather sandals or a heeled ankle boot for a look that's as comfortable as it is stylish. This simple styling speaks to laid-back weekends, coffee in hand, and strolls through the city. Shop our Half & Half fedora here.

2. Styling a Fedora From Office to Evening Out

A well-crafted fedora can easily be your go-to accessory for an outfit that transitions from day to night. Pair a black fedora with a fitted bodysuit or a tuckable top and high-waisted black trousers. This outfit combination is perfect for those seeking a harmonious blend of sophistication and allure. Add The Cut to your hat collection here.

3. Pairing Knitwear with a Fedora

Embrace comfort and style when deciding what to wear with a fedora hat. This image captures a relaxed yet sophisticated vibe, ideal for a casual weekend ensemble or a cozy get-together with friends. Pair your sand colored fedora with a neutral, textured knit sweater. Pair it with your favorite classic blue jeans to keep the look grounded and accessible. This outfit formula is perfect for days when you want to look effortlessly put together. See more of our Half & Half Fedora here.

4. Chic Contrast: Mastering the Fedora with an Oversized Suit

Styling a fedora with an oversized women's suit creates an unforgettable fashion statement—think Julia Roberts circa 1990. The juxtaposition of the fedora's structured shape against the relaxed, fluid lines of an oversized suit adds an intriguing contrast. Opt for a fedora in a color that complements or subtly contrasts the suit, enhancing the ensemble's overall harmony. Pair with a fitted camisole or a sleek turtleneck underneath to balance the suit's volume. Get The Split here.

5. Modernizing Bohemian Style with A Fedora hat

This example showcases how to wear a fedora for a modern bohemian look. Pair your fedora with a button up shirt cinched at the waist with a leather belt for a flattering silhouette. To achieve this updated boho-chic look, choose a fedora in a neutral tone that complements the shirt dress's color. Add bold accessories like chunky necklaces or statement earrings to enhance the bohemian vibe. The fedora adds a sophisticated twist to the relaxed shirt dress, creating a perfect balance of elegance and free-spirited flair. See more of The Cut II here.

Find Your Fedora from House of Brims

From casual chic to refined elegance, we've showcased the vast styling potential of the fedora hat. Whether you want to make a bold statement or add a subtle touch of sophistication, our collection is designed to elevate your style. Dive into our collection and find the fedora that turns heads and defines your look. Your journey to iconic style starts here.
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